Given our firm belief in the power of collective impact, we work with a number of key partners who provide the necessary components to help people at different stages along their journey. Our partners are integral to the strategy of executing our mission. We would like to acknowledge and thank our key partners:


Have a lot on your mind?
Trouble paying attention?
Feeling over-scheduled?
Operating on autopilot?
Running on empty?
Having trouble sleeping?
Feeling totally overwhelmed?

Most of us face these challenges and many others in our everyday lives. Since we live in a complex, difficult and uncertain world, it is not surprising that we confront these issues a lot. How do we hope to overcome these challenges? Fortunately, there is a simple and cost-effective solution that comes from ancient wisdom and is now validated by modern science.

The Mindful Nation Foundation is igniting a quiet revolution that is gathering momentum. People all over the nation have been searching for and finding ways to live a more mindful life. And they are bringing the proven beneficial effects of the practices that cultivate being mindful into schools, hospitals, doctors

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